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The shoe market evolution is influenced by Plinio Fleck Group. When the Vale dos Sinos began its first steps towards developing the shoe industry, in the late 40’s, the young Plinio Fleck realized a business opportunity due to the lack of parts and local suppliers with most tools being imported. That was when Plinio Fleck Group was founded and since 1949 has been producing quality, innovative and high-tech components for the shoe industry in its four companies: Flecksteel, Fleckplast, Fleckmetal and Fleckmulti.

During all these years, Plínio Fleck Group has written its history aligned with pioneering and know-how to consolidate as one of the largest shoe components suppliers in the world. Internationally known for their product quality, Plinio Fleck Group produces state of the art and most promising components for shoes and products alike.


Solution and technology in components for plastics and shoes.


Supply technological solutions and innovative in plastic components and for shoes in a timely, reliable and competitive manner.


• The company as a priority;
• Environmental and social responsibility;
• Ethics in the company activities;
• Fast to make decisions;
• Capital remuneration as performance metrics;
• Entrepreneurial spirit;
• Technology;
• Commitment and immediate assistance to clients;
• People appreciation.


Sustainability is a focus in the companies of the Grupo Plinio Fleck which has 100% of its liquid waste treated. We believe that being sustainable means taking care of the environment, making collaborators aware and being transparent in all processes.

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